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Company:Ningbo Wenhao Machinery Co.,Ltd
Add:Yunlong Town Yinzhou District Ningbo China 315100
MT:+86-13957805380 (Jeniffer Wu)

Ningbo Wenhao Machinery Co., Ltd specialized in producing bucket teeth, adapters, pins and locking elements for earth-moving machinery. This sentence, which seems so simple, perfectly captures what we have been doing for more than 8 years, and underscores our main goal and international presence vocation.


Wenhao is a family business that guarantees professional and independent management. We want our family to be a medium that can transmit stability and continuity to our customers.


Together with the ability to take advantage of new technologies, we continuously develop world class products. Our ambition is to always work closely with our customers and bring them substantial profitability and convenience.


We export to countries throughout the world and have obtained good reputation in these countries. All of these have made us a true global player in the construction, mining and dredging industries.